The Sacred Bracelets from Bali, You Must Know

2015061717421910109Have you seen the Balinese Hindus people wear bracelets made from yarn? If you have seen the bracelet, you would think what that is and why Balinese Hindus people wear it. Don’t worry you will get all the information about it.
2592.1936_832909bf3ddd491680b02426fcebcfef.jpg_800x800The bracelet as known Tridatu yarn bracelet which is consist by 3 yarns colored red, black and white. Etymologic Tridatu comes from 2 words, “Tri” mean Three and “Datu” mean King. So, Tridatu is three main of God, those are Brahma God, Wisnu God, Siwa God. Tridatu is not fetish or magical thing but symbolize of three elements. The red element symbolizes creativity and bravely, the black element symbolizes powerful and protected us from bad spirit and white element symbolizes spirituality and goodness.
Tridatu as a symbol to keep remind people that life is not just one color, but many colors. There is birth, life, and death and using tridatu reminds us above all that. Wear the sacred yarn will be able to give sanctity and protection from all iniquity and dissipate bad spirits. This bracelet is purified by holy water and make this bracelet is sacred. This information will make you to know what Tridatu is and useful for you.

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  1. Hi. What about string bracelet smiliar to that but its all black. What does it mean? Thank you


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